Queer The Land is proud to offer BASE: Boxing and Conditioning Edition. BASE stands for Building Autonomy and Safety for Everybody, a community and self defense workshop focusing on gender justice and our inherent right to defend ourselves and our people. The boxing and conditioning is part of a longer series that reshapes how we define self defense in response to the increasing systemic violence in our communities that particularly impact QT2BIPOC.

We will be teaching basic boxing skills and conditioning as tools to empower ourselves and encourage self-determination that encompass health and wellness. We strive to create an accessible space that centers survivors of gender based violence and QTBIPOC. Please contact queertheland@gmail.com with any questions or accessibility needs. We will start this program back up once it’s safe to do so. You can find more information and past B.A.S.E. classes on our Facebook page

As a Black nonbinary queer femme who has experienced eviction and homelessness, QTL gives me hope. I am a community organizer and a low-wage worker with virtually no affordable housing options in Seattle, where the rental market caters to tech employees who make
six figures. At least once a week, I witness Black queer and trans friends and acquaintances crowdfunding on social media to avoid being homeless. It often feels like we’ll never survive in this city, but being a part of QTL helps me envision QTPOC surviving
and thriving in Seattle one day soon. Working towards owning land with my community has been a healing, transformative process. I am grateful for it. – Denechia Powell