Reclaiming Our Futures

In a world where Coronavris has turned our lives upside down how do we center and ground ourselves while feeling so uncertain. When it feels like the end of the world how do we reclaim our futures? On March 21st and 28th Queer the Land hosted a mini- series webinar collbaration between Parisol and API Chaya, along with a few friends. This also included a 10 minute dance break which was powerful and needed. This pandemic made us ask ourselves what we define as normal and the dangers of going back to “normal”. We focused on the importance of naming our hopes, fears. We reflected on the changes we saw in our community, within ourselves, globally and with nature. Folks felt seen when others named the loneliness they felt, or the calmness they experienced with the chaos going on around them. What we learned is in order to sustain these shifts,we need to practice mutual aid that is rooted in sick and disabled communities. The shifts we’ve seen is the valuing and caring that is often made invisible or undervalued by janitors, grocery store workers etc. Our hope is to come out better prepared next time, to strengthen international solidarity. There were so many other contributions when it comes to hope but we wanted to acknowledge that for some it was hard to hope when you’re feeling hopeless. There was so much gratitude in the zoom call with 20+ people it demonstrated the need for an event like Reclaiming our Futures. We’d love to strategize, dream and dance more. It was such a refreshing experience.